Master Lab Package

The Master Lab Package includes a bench-top mixer Turbotest®, an axial flow 4-blade propeller, a radial flow deflocculator and an emulsor Rotor-Stator.

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The Master Lab Package is the ideal equipment for in-lab development of research formulation, quality testing and small volume production. This package includes the renowned bench-top mixer: Turbotest®. This mixer has a history of use and innovation of over 60 years and equips the majority of research laboratories in France and worldwide. The Turbotest® has been designed to develop formulations and validate process parameters in the laboratory, with a view to industrial scale-up.

Delivered with a deflocculator turbine, a 4-blade propeller and a rotor-stator emulsor, the Master Lab Package enables you to perform a wide range of applications depending on the rheology of the ingredients (dilution, suspension, dissolution, dispersion, emulsion). The Turbotest’s shaft and its quick-release system make it easy to change tools. The dimensions of the tools vary in order to guarantee a homogeneous mixture for volumes ranging from 250 mL to 5,000 mL (references for 250, 600, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 mL).

Which mixing processes are possible with the Master Lab Package?


The Turbotest® with the 4-blade propeller allows the transformation of a concentrated solution into a diluted solution, thanks to the addition of a continuous miscible phase with the solution. The propeller guarantees a significant circulation of the product, which is necessary for a good dilution process.

The 4-blade axial flow propeller will also allow you to make and maintain suspensions thanks to the agitation of a divided phase that is not soluble in a liquid phase. The particles are stirred to avoid surface floating or settling.

The 4-blade mixer offers a very strong pumping effect and a low shear effect, boosting the circulation of the product for a perfect homogenization of a liquid to liquid mixture.


The radial flow deflocculating turbine is designed for dissolution processes necessary to the formulation of a product. This turbine ensures good circulation, which is essential for the dissolution of a soluble solid phase in a liquid solvent. The deflocculator also allows you to disperse particles of a non-soluble solid phase into a liquid phase. Its low pumping effect coupled with a high shear rate is perfect for mixing very liquid and medium-loaded products.


Emulsion is the stable contact of a discontinuous dispersed phase in a continuous, immiscible dispersing phase. The stability of this operation is essentially related to the size of the drops of the dispersed phase, their surface tension and their distribution in the dispersing phase. Due to its high shear power, the deflocculator masters simple emulsion processes for liquid to liquid mixtures with immiscible phases.

The rotor stator is the reference stirrer for emulsion processes. With a very high shear rate, the rotor-stator emulsor is highly efficient for fine emulsions of powders in a liquid phase. The rotor stator is also powerful enough to emulsify and homogenize viscous ingredients and complex phases.

For containers with a volume capacity between 250 mL and 2,000 mL, the emulsor of the Master Lab Package consists of a 4-blade rotor and a stator with narrow slots. For volume capacity between 3,000 mL and 5,000 mL, the emulsor consists of a 6-blade rotor and a stator with wide slots. For references from 600 to 5000 mL, a second rotor (4-blade) is delivered with the package, for more versatility.

Which applications with the Master Lab Package?

The Master Lab Package offers a wider range of applications with its Rotor-Stator emulsifier. The very high shearing power of the Rotor-Stator allows the formulation of complex emulsions of thick, viscous, or powdered ingredients: toothpastes, cosmetic creams, mascaras, lipsticks, lip balms…

The Master Lab Package also includes the tools and applications of the Starter Lab Package:

  • The 4-blade propeller ensures the dilution and homogenization of liquid/liquid, miscible ingredients, as for the formulation of serums, perfume, make-up removers and suntan oils.
  • The deflocculator is efficient for dispersion processes of inmiscible phases, with its high-shearing effect: gel, shampoo, ointments, pigmented cream formulations, sun creams…

The benefits of Turbotest®

Versatility in process and finished product applications

Easily interchangeable tools, wide range of additional turbines

Wide range of capacity (250 mL to 5,000 mL)

Repeatability and scaling up of mixing parameters

Ease of use and operation: quick installation on bench, easy and secure adjustments

Hygienic design for laboratory/clean room environments


General characteristics of Turbotest® agitator

  • Stainless steel construction with ABS PMMA casing
  • Motor with integrated lock
  • Safety beaker holder with memory adjustment of the diameter allowing easy interchanging of containers – patented
  • Beaker diameter 50 to 300 mm
  • 316 L stainless steel shaft, with male cone, length: 310 mm
  • ABS control box, including all motor protections and safety management, speed variation device and motor power supply
  • Adjustable user interface, with on/off buttons, speed and mixing time adjustment. Variable speed 50 to 3,300 tr/min
  • 3 operating modes available: manual, automatic with or without cycle programming
  • LCD backlit screen, with speed, time and consumed torque display

Tools in the Master Lab Package

  • Radial flow deflocculator turbine with shaft for dispersion, emulsification and dissolution processes
  • Axial flow 4-blade propeller with shaft for suspension and homogenization processes
  • Rotor-Stator emulsor with shaft for emulsification and homogenization
  • Tool for disassembling rotors

Tool dimensions according to the volume of the Master Lab Package:

CapacityDeflocculator turbine
4-blade propeller
Rotor of the emulsor
Stator of the emulsor
250 mL35 mm40 mm4-blade rotor
25 mm
Stator with narrow slots
30 mm
600 mL55 mm55 mm 4-blade rotor
+ other model of 4-blade rotor
45 mm
Stator with narrow slots
30 mm
1000 mL 55 mm 55 mm 4-blade rotor
+ other model of 4-blade rotor
45 mm
Stator with narrow slots
30 mm
2000 mL 55 mm 80 mm 4-blade rotor
+ other model of 4-blade rotor
45 mm
Stator with narrow slots
30 mm
3000 mL 65 mm 80 mm6-blade rotor
+ 4-blade rotor
70 mm
Stator with wide slots
20 mm
5000 mL80 mm100 mm 6-blade rotor
+ 4-blade rotor
70 mm
Stator with wide slots
20 mm

More informations

Electrical characteristics

  • 440 W DC motor
  • Electrical power: 440 W
  • Voltage: Single-phase 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (can vary depending on the electrical voltage of the country of delivery)
  • Delivered with F-type plug (10/16A, 2P + E) and adapter depending on the country of delivery

Safety and regulations

  • 2006/42/CE directive
  • Operation prohibited if the agitator is in high position
  • Operation prohibited if running without beaker
  • Start-up at 50 rpm
  • Emergency stop

Optional extras, to be ordered from VMI’s E-service

  • Wide range of tools for agitation and mixing (turbines, propellers, emulsors rotor/stator)
  • Digital temperature probe
  • Removable safety cover
  • Water bath kit
  • Collapsible safety sleeve
  • Stainless steel shaft and turbines support

Turbotest® footprint

DimensionsH – 998 mm
L – 447 mm
D – 430 mm
Weight27 kg – up to 70 kg with packing


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